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Dr. Sekoul Krastev

Sekoul is a Co-Founder and Managing Director at The Decision Lab. He is a bestselling author of Intention - a book he wrote with Wiley on the mindful application of behavioral science in organizations. A decision scientist with a PhD in Decision Neuroscience from McGill University, Sekoul's work has been featured in peer-reviewed journals and has been presented at conferences around the world. Sekoul previously advised management on innovation and engagement strategy at The Boston Consulting Group as well as on online media strategy at Google. He has a deep interest in the applications of behavioral science to new technology and has published on these topics in places such as the Huffington Post and Strategy & Business.

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TDL Brief: Listening to Experts

TDL Brief: Listening to Experts

From the time we are children, we are told to listen to experts. These figures of authority usually begin as our parents, but as we grow up, they become teachers, industry experts, scientists and policy makers. When we are unsure of how to behave, we look to experts to nudge us in the right direction.

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TDL Brief: What’s next for polling?

The shock of the 2016 US presidential election left many people wary of trusting pre-election polls. Four years later, pollsters promised that this time around, they'd accounted for their past mistakes—only for many of their predictions to fall flat once again, particularly at the state and district levels. What gives?

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