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Retail success relies on aligning a brand, product or service with consumers.

Behavioral insights can help shine a light on consumers and reveal not just what they think they want but what is truly aligned with their values and priorities. Only products and services that are built on this foundation can be world class.

Featured Capabilities

See how we’re translating the insights of behavioral science into smart retail strategy, from modifying choice architecture or nudging customers towards self-service options, to optimizing omni-channel marketing campaigns.


Omni-channel Campaign Optimization

Leverage the tools of behavioral science to better understand what drives your customers, map out more holistic decision journeys, reimagine segmentation on a psychographic level, and ultimately create omni-channel experiences that engage, convert and keep people coming back for more


Choice Environment Reengineering

Use behavioral insights to understand how choice environments influence behavior, and how they can be re-imagined to work with the actual psychology of decision-making


Holistic Consumer Research

Apply methods from the social sciences and hard sciences to perform holistic research that answers deeper questions about what drives consumers - to act (or not), to develop brand loyalty, to behave in seemingly irrational ways.

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