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Unlocking a portfolio's full social and financial impact depends on understanding the decisions that make it up.

Investment decisions are difficult, doubly so when done in groups - they are one of the most studied but under-utilized areas of behavioral science. By basing decisions on science and removing bias, we can create more equitable, predictable and impactful investments.

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See how we’re helping investors create value by debiasing decision-making in portfolio selection, and deploying evidence-based insights to guide firms through post-merger cultural alignment.


Debiasing Grant & Investment Processes

Leverage the tools and methodologies of behavioral science to detect and reduce decision-making bias and better align teams around investment decisions that reflect their goals and values


Impact Investment Portfolio Optimization

Optimize both financial and social outcomes (and avoid leaving value creation opportunities on the table) by overcoming the challenges of categorical cognition inherent in attempts to make efficient allocation decisions for a portfolio of investments that can include "for-profit", "social and "philanthropic" enterprises


Deploying Behavioral Insights for Portfolio Value Creation

Deploy evidence-based insights and techniques to capitalize on value creation opportunities - from conducting human due diligence to retain top talent and using behavioral audits to analyze cultural alignment during post-merger integration, to increasing the top line through enhanced customer insights and debiasing organizational decision-making

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