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Data has unprecedented power to hyper-personalize business, but cannot be unleashed without behavioral science.

Our world is undergoing a fourth industrial revolution, and the exciting potential for a deeper dive into behavioral science can be realized by AI and machine learning. As hyper-personalized products and services become table stakes, dissecting this intersection is crucial.

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Digital journey optimization to increase content engagement

We're working to redesign the Canadian government's mental health portal, creating an engaging, user-centered experience.

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Machine Learning

Deploy strategies for unbiased data collection, analysis and usage that allow machine learning techniques to serve their intended purpose of enhancing human decision-making


Behavioral Analytics

Move beyond analyzing what your customers and prospects have been doing the past, and start discovering and predicting how they will act in the future



Combine behavioral insights with the power of artificial intelligence to go beyond traditional segmentation strategies and enable highly dynamic and personalized targeting and intervention deployment

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