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People make 35,000 decisions a day.

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The Decision Lab's Advisors

We stay on the cutting edge of applied behavioral science by tapping into the world's foremost experts from both public and private sectors.


Call for Collaboration Partners

The Decision Lab is excited to announce a call for prototyping partners. We are looking for intrapreneurs, innovators and leaders who will work with us to design and run experiments aimed at improving well being in a variety of contexts across fields and sectors.

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Case StudyFinance

Financial Inclusion

Mylo is a leading Canadian fintech player with over 100M in assets under management. Mylo is solving a deep problem of financial inclusion among younger populations in Canada. We worked with Mylo’s leadership team to study user demographics and psychographics, study decision journeys across various touchpoints and define decision points in behavioral terms.

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Behavioral Diagnostic

By applying our behavioral toolkit to existing data, our specialists will define key problems in behavioral terms and generate new ideas, perspectives and solutions based on relevant research from behavioral science.

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Anchoring and charitable donations

In pledge drives by public radio stations, individuals who called were randomly assigned to one of two groups. In the treatment group, callers were told that a previous donor made a contribution of $300, despite the average contribution being $75 dollars.

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