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Empowering the world to make better decisions.

About The Decision Lab

The Decision Lab is an applied research and innovation firm. We use behavioral science & design to help ambitious organizations create a better future. We do this by providing consulting services to some of the largest organizations in the world, carrying out research in priority areas, and running one of the largest publications in applied behavioral science. In the past, we have helped organizations such as the Gates Foundation, Capital One, the World Bank and numerous Fortune 500s solve some of their thorniest problems using scientific thinking.

Why Focus on Decision Making?

We make 35,000 decisions a day with a brain adapted to a very different world from the one we live in today. Unsurprisingly, many of our decisions lead to outcomes we don’t want. This can limit us as individuals, organizations and societies. At The Decision Lab, our goal is to understand how decisions can be aligned with what we individually and collectively want to achieve. We use insights from a variety of fields – from well established ones such as psychology and behavioral economics, to cutting edge ones such as social physics and artificial intelligence – to understand and improve decisions. Our goal is to use science to empower the world.

What We Do

We started The Decision Lab because we saw a fundamental gap between research and application. Despite 2 Nobel prizes and a wealth of insights from top academics in the past 2 decades, the effect of this field has only just started to trickle down to real-world organizations. We exist in order to change that. To see exactly how we do that, take a look at our services.

Our mission is to democratize applied behavioral science.

Our Values

As a social enterprise, we have a deep-rooted belief that better decisions make a better world. However, improving decisions is a messy and difficult thing. For this reason, we have laid out a clear set of criteria for what constitutes good work. Our approach is inspired by many of the organizations and individuals we use as role models.

We believe that a good approach to creating social impact is SPICESocially conscious, Pragmatic, Inventive, Catalytic and Evidence based. We use these criteria to evaluate ourselves, our work, the clients we choose to take on and the people we make part of our team. Read more about SPICE below:

Socially conscious

We create positive and fair outcomes for individuals, organizations and societies.

The outcomes that societies want to achieve are constantly being discussed and revised, always a work in progress. They are not defined from the outset or from the outside. For these outcomes to be sustainable, they must integrate societal, environmental and economic dimensions.


We develop solutions that are practical, effective and attainable.

We are deeply committed to bringing our ideals to life. To do so, we let the problem be the guide for our attention. We are agnostic regarding approaches and dispassionate in our assessment of candidate solutions. This unwavering focus on the problem allows us to employ the full range of tools at our disposal, deploying the right ones for each context.


We develop solutions that are not constrained by the current reality.

When no existing solution is adequate to the problem at hand, we must move from curation to creation. Success in these contexts requires a commitment to exploration and an openness to inspiration.


We develop solutions that spark rapid transition to a new paradigm.

When we reach a tipping point, a small nudge sparks a change from one equilibrium state to another. By starting small and iterating quickly, we manage the change in a deliberate and responsible manner, ensuring that the catalytic reaction is positive when unleashed at scale. We can also help manage the journey to the tipping point, creating pre-conditions for catalytic projects to take off.


We develop solutions that use evidence as a compass.

We are deeply committed to using evidence to guide our actions. We build evidence in-house through robust experimentation, and integrate our findings into a wider body of knowledge, coming from many people and many places. This cohesive landscape of insights allows us to triangulate the best course of action.

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