Behavioral Product Design

World-class digital products are experiential – they are built on emotional connection, effortless interaction and the power of habits. But how can a team achieve that in a systematic and predictable way? Just like understanding the laws of physics is necessary to build a rocket, behavioral science is the foundation for designing user journeys & experiences.

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This is Personal: The Do's and Don'ts of Personalization in Tech

Personalization is the biggest trend in tech, and an omnipresent force in consumers' lives. But not all personalization is created equal.

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Combine behavioral insights with the power of artificial intelligence to go beyond traditional segmentation strategies and enable highly dynamic and personalized targeting and intervention deployment


Behavioral Machine Learning

Combine the power of big data and behavioral science to create more powerful insights, and deploy interventions and achieve impact at scale


Behavioral Design

Complement and augment existing philosophies such as agile and design thinking by infusing them with a more evidence-based approach in order to expand design opportunities

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