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How can practitioners leverage behavioral science to reduce implicit gender biases among hiring managers?

What Can George Costanza Teach Us About Making Better Investment Choices?

Many of us allow emotions to affect our decisions, which in the realm of investment can cause money to be lost and investment portfolios to suffer.

“500+ Connections”: Inundation, Addiction, and Delusion in Social and Professional Networking

Our favorite networks are constantly nudging us to expand our circles of interaction. Scientifically speaking, just how big can our networks get?

Freeing Cognitive “Bottleneck Congestion” in Autonomous Vehicles

Putting too much trust into driver assistance design may pose problems for road safety.

How (Not) to Use Behavioural Economics to Influence Consumer Decisions

How does Viagogo, an online marketplace for ticket resale, apply behavioural economics to influence consumer decisions?

Unitasking: How to Get More Done in Less Time

Multitasking, once perceived as an elusive virtue, has been shown to adversely impact brain regions responsible for higher cognitive abilities.

I Think I Am, Therefore I Am

The concept is quite simple: act how you want others to perceive you and, over time, you will come to see yourself that way.

Gender and Self-Perception in Competition

Recognizing and combatting perceived gender differences remains critically important in ensuring economic efficiency.

The Game of Life: Discussing Determinism in Behavioural Science

Human behaviour may have a quite simple deterministic origin, but resulting behaviour isn't always uniform, stable, and predictable.

The Role Of Thought Confidence In Persuasion

The emerging concept of meta-cognition can further our knowledge of how best to instil long-lasting attitude change.

Professional Women And Stereotypes: Moving Past Them

Women, especially those pursuing careers in traditionally male-dominated professions, are often the targets of gender-infused stereotypes.

One Unconscious Bias Is Keeping Women Out Of Senior Roles

One unconscious bias – affinity bias – may lead people to favour candidates who are like themselves, research shows.

How Culture Affects The Way We Work

In addition to teaching concepts and skills, culture also shapes more subtle aspects of thinking.

How Your Workplace Might Be Making Bad Decisions For You

The way we design our home and workplace says a lot more than we think it does. And sometimes, it doesn't exactly say what we want it to.

Why Decision Science Matters

Decision science is a marriage of technology and business perspective to solve complex challenges.

The Impact Of FREE On Consumer Decision-Making

A Turkish and Russian proverb says that “Vinegar that is free, is sweeter than honey”.

Using Behavioral Insights To Stay Motivated At Work

When you look carefully at the way people work, you find out there’s a lot more at play — and at stake — than money.

Behavioral Economics on Fairness and Reciprocity

What defines what is fair or which actions are morally right? The answer to this question might come from a very promising science - behavioral economics.

3 Applications Of Behavioral Economics In The Real World

My main mission is to figure out the application of Behavioral Economics in the commercial world. Let’s dive into three useful applications.