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Behavioral insights applied to strategy can help even the best leaders to be better.

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Group Decision Making: How to Be Effective and Efficient

A failure to think critically in a group setting is fueled by our desire to conform to a majority and our hesitation to re-evaluate initially rejected solutions.

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See how we’re helping organizations leverage science to reduce risk and maximize value from strategy creation through execution.


Debiasing Strategic Decisions

Explore the biases & heuristics that create barriers to effective decision-making - from excessive optimism and emotional attachments to confirmation bias, "sunflower management", loss aversion and more - in order to make more evidence based business decisions


Mergers & Acquisitions

Use behavioral insights and audits to improve understanding and implementation of cultural alignment, and factor it into M&A decisions with a greater degree of confidence


Improving Corporate Governance

Institutionalize the lessons of behavioral science to steer your organization in the direction of compliance and strong governance, and spot the warning signs in certain behaviors that reliably predict a potential issue before it becomes a problem

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