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A company should mean more to customers than just their products. Strong brands are built on emotional connection, shared values, and the power of habits. With data-backed design strategies and a holistic understanding of human behavior, behavioral insights are transforming the way brands connect with consumers and helping them forge relationships that last.

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Ad Retargeting and Psychological Reactance

Should companies stop retargeting? Probably not. But, it does help for advertisers to start thinking about the negative effects of such strategies.

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See how we're helping brands boost loyalty, target clients more effectively, and increase profitability throughout the marketing lifecycle.


Loyalty Reimagined

Leverage behavioral science principles to reimagine how people interact with your brand, determine the steps you can take to help foster an emotional relationship and ritualize the user experience, and ultimately turn casual customers into loyal promoters


Psychographic Segmentation & Brand Positioning

Filter through the sea of data to distinguish the variables that signal and define your most valuable audience segments, and use that information to create more targeted and effective brand positioning


Value Proposition & Pricing Optimization

Decode the (often irrational) consumers perceive the value of your offerings, align your pricing strategy with established psychological principles, and use evidence-based experimentation to establish precise willingness to pay

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