Danny Goh

Danny Goh

Danny is a serial entrepreneur and an early stage investor. He is the partner and Commercial Director of Nexus Frontier Tech, an AI advisory business with presence in London, Geneva, Boston and Tokyo to assist CEO and board members of different organisations to build innovative businesses taking full advantage of artificial intelligence technology.
 Danny has also co-founded Innovatube, a technology group that operates a R&D lab in software and AI developments, invests in early stage start-ups with 20+ portfolios, and acts as an incubator to foster the local start-up community in South East Asia. Innovatube labs have a team of researches and engineers to develop cutting edge technology to help start-ups and enterprises bolster their operation capabilities. Danny currently serves as an Entrepreneurship Expert with the Entrepreneurship centre at the Said Business School, University of Oxford and he is an advisor and judge to several technology start-ups and accelerators including Startupbootcamp IoT London. Danny has lived in four different continents in the last 20 years in Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, Boston and London, and constantly finds himself travelling.

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    AI and the Future of Lie Detection

    We live in a world now where we know how to lie. With advances in AI, it is very likely that we will soon live in a world where we know how to detect truth.

    The AI Governance of AI

    The question of AI governance leads us to a foundational issue: to govern AI, we may need to use AI.

    Why Machines Will Not Replace Us

    Rather than undermining humans, we are much better off thinking hard about how to upskill ourselves and learn how to work alongside machines.

    Humans and AI: Rivals or Romance?

    Humans and machines will – and must – work together. What really matters is how to prepare people to work increasingly closely with machines.