Sanketh Andhavarapu

Sanketh Andhavarapu

Sanketh is an undergraduate at the University of Maryland: College Park pursuing an individualized major in neuroeconomics with a minor in innovation and entrepreneurship. He is also the co-founder of an app startup centered around behavioral economics to improve clinician wellness. Sanketh hopes to apply concepts from behavioral science and neuroeconomics to improve patient and physician decision-making, and in turn, improve the overall quality of healthcare.

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What Rock-Paper-Scissors Can Teach Us About Our Decision-Making


We are often faced with situations where we need to compete with others to attain a mutually-exclusive outcome. Our success in these scenarios often depends on our ability to make sound, rational decisions, but emotion and arousal can often compromise this. Rock-paper-scissors (RPS) can help us better understand the battle between rationality and emotion, thereby improving our everyday decision-making.