Michael Coden

Michael Coden

Named #6 in “The Top 50 Cybersecurity Leaders of 2021” by The Consulting Report for innovative contributions to cybersecurity, Michael advises Boards, CEOs, C-suites, and CISOs on IT, OT, and Product cybersecurity strategy, implementation, and resilience.

Currently a Senior Advisor to Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Michael formerly was the Managing Director that built and led BCG's Cybersecurity Practice from 2016 through 2021. He also co-founded the cybersecurity research consortium at MIT (http://cams.mit.edu) in 2014, and continues to serve as Associate Director. Michael serves on the Board of Advisors for Safe.security and is a member of the DBOS-project at MIT and Stanford University (https://dbos-project.github.io). Michael assisted the US National Security Council in developing the NIST Cybersecurity Framework receiving a letter of appreciation from the White House for his leadership. He also served as Editor of the ISA99/IEC-62443 Cybersecurity Technical Report and Standard.
Michael earned a Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering at MIT, Master's in Business Administration from Columbia University, as well as a second Master's in Mathematics from NYU's Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences. He has authored 17 patents on network equipment, data protocols, cyber risk quantification, fiber optics, and semiconductor devices, numerous scholarly articles and invited presentations, and “The Fiber Optic LAN Handbook” with a circulation of 100,000 copies. Michael has appeared on US and Canadian public television and Bloomberg Radio discussing technology and cybersecurity. A recipient of several industry awards, Michael is an ISC² Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

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