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Webinar: Strengthen Your Strategy With Cyber Scenarios

How prepared is your organization for a cybersecurity attack?  Proactive moves can avert massive breaches. And we’ve seen that when breaches do happen, the majority of damage comes not from the attack itself, but from how effectively companies respond—both internally and in their communications with regulators, shareholders, and the media. 

Watch our recorded webinar to learn how scenario planning and behavioral insights can help you identify risk, prepare for it, and act decisively and effectively when threats materialize.


  • Michael Coden (Head of Cybersecurity @ BCG Platinion)
  • Alan Iny (Global Leader, Creativity & Scenarios @BCG)
  • Sarah Paquet (Director & CEO @FINTRAC)
  • Dr. Keri Pearlson (Executive Director of Cybersecurity @MIT Sloan)
  • and Dr. Brooke Struck (Research Director @ The Decision Lab)
  • Our moderator was Sanjay Khanna (Strategic Advisor and Foresight Expert @ NOW Partners)

Behavioral Science, Democratized

We make 35,000 decisions each day, often in environments that aren’t conducive to making sound choices. 

At TDL, we work with organizations in the public and private sectors—from new startups, to governments, to established players like the Gates Foundation—to debias decision-making and create better outcomes for everyone.

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Scenario Planning and Behavioral Insights for Better Cybersecurity

Scenario Planning and Behavioral Insights for Better Cybersecurity

The Report:

The Decision Lab and Boston Consulting Group also co-authored a report on the topic of cyber scenarios and behavioral insights. The report includes two detailed, research-driven cybersecurity scenarios for 2024, as well as the steps stakeholders need to take in order to prepare for such crises, from cyber-physical systems to behavioral dynamics. These scenarios are designed to help your organization build resilience against cyber shocks amidst converging crises.

Strengthen Your Strategy With Cyber Scenarios


About the Authors

The Decision Lab

The Decision Lab

The Decision Lab is a Canadian think-tank dedicated to democratizing behavioral science through research and analysis. We apply behavioral science to create social good in the public and private sectors.

Brooke Struck portrait

Dr. Brooke Struck

Dr. Brooke Struck is the Research Director at The Decision Lab. He is an internationally recognized voice in applied behavioural science, representing TDL’s work in outlets such as Forbes, Vox, Huffington Post and Bloomberg, as well as Canadian venues such as the Globe & Mail, CBC and Global Media. Dr. Struck hosts TDL’s podcast “The Decision Corner” and speaks regularly to practicing professionals in industries from finance to health & wellbeing to tech & AI.

Alan Iny portrait

Alan Iny


Alan Iny has the pleasure of spending his entire working life on creativity in business. With Boston Consulting Group since 2003, he has trained thousands of people on how to think creatively, and he works with a wide range of clients across industries worldwide. He also has a deep focus on navigating uncertainty, using scenarios to help clients think more expansively about the future. Alan is a member of the Boston Consulting Group’s Corporate Finance & Strategy practice leadership team and has expertise in innovation, transformation, and organization design. With BCG's Luc de Brabandere, he coauthored Thinking in New Boxes: A New Paradigm for Business Creativity in 2013.

Sanjay Khanna

Sanjay Khanna

Sanjay Khanna is a strategic advisor and foresight expert. Previously the futurist at global law firm Baker McKenzie, today Sanjay works with leading organizations to illuminate risks and opportunities associated with the converging crises of geopolitical fragmentation, socioeconomic reordering, population health issues, technological acceleration, environmental and climate change. The Financial Times, the Globe and Mail, and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, among other media outlets, have featured Sanjay’s wide-ranging insights on twenty-first century change in their publications.

Michael Coden

Michael Coden

Named #6 in “The Top 50 Cybersecurity Leaders of 2021” by The Consulting Report for innovative contributions to cybersecurity, Michael advises Boards, CEOs, C-suites, and CISOs on IT, OT, and Product cybersecurity strategy, implementation, and resilience.

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