Strengthen Your Strategy with Cyber Scenarios

How prepared is your organization for a cybersecurity attack? The path ahead is one of converging crises: geopolitical tension, socioeconomic disparity, climate risks, technological acceleration, and global health challenges. Proactive moves can avert massive breaches. And we’ve seen that when breaches do happen, the majority of damage comes not from the attack itself—but from how effectively companies respond internally and communicate with regulators, shareholders and the media.

An often-overlooked component of preparation is scenario planning for upcoming challenges. Strategic foresight experts Sanjay Khanna and Alan Iny make the case to prioritize scenario planning in an uncertain futurescape in order to close preparedness gaps—creating an advantage for organizations who are ready to face uncertainty. The authors provide the steps businesses must take to develop scenario-informed, interdisciplinary strategies to overcome the behavioral biases that make it difficult to identify risk, prepare for it, and act decisively and effectively when those risks materialize.

This report, a joint effort from The Decision Lab and the Boston Consulting Group, focuses on how and why organizations can overcome the obstacles amid increasing risks, notably the rise of cyber risk. The report includes two detailed, research-driven cybersecurity scenarios for 2024, as well as the steps stakeholders need to take in order to prepare for such crises, from cyber-physical systems to behavioral dynamics. These scenarios are designed to help your organization build resilience against cyber shocks amidst converging crises.

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Strengthen Your Strategy with Cyber Scenarios

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