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We use scientific insights to improve products and organizations.

People make 35,000 decisions every day. We use scientific thinking to analyze and improve these decisions. We collaborate with public and private sector organizations to amplify their positive impact on people, organizations, and societies.

About us

The Decision Lab is a socially conscious applied-research firm dedicated to creating impact through applied behavioral science.

We started The Decision Lab because we saw a fundamental gap between scientific research and the real-world. Despite two Nobel prizes and a wealth of insight from top academics over the past two decades, the effect of this field has only just started to trickle down to real-world organizations.

We exist in order to change that.

Through close collaboration and the application of key scientific insights, we help some of the world's leading organizations - from Fortune 500 companies to startups to governments - increase their impact on people and society.

Our insights are used by leaders in some of the world's most impactful organizations

McKinsey & Company
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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Launching A Behavioral Science Practice

Behavioral science practices (or “Nudge Units”) can catalyze transformational change. However, they must be thoughtfully designed and integrated into an existing organization.  Among other things, they need a clear vision, buy-in from key stakeholders, efficient and effective processes, and the right staffing.  We support our clients every step of the way in applying best practices to their unique context.

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Behavioral Product Management

User experience design has advanced a lot in the last few decades, but products designed based on behavioral science principles clearly perform better. We use these principles to help build digital products that go beyond user needs and instead create experiences that connect with users emotionally to build powerful new habits.

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Learning &

Behavioral science is often taught as a series of design principles or marketing strategies that can be applied ad hoc. Rather than offering checklists, our approach focuses on the scientific method and helps participants integrate what they learn into solving their real-world problems. We help organizations change the way they do work.

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Research &

Applying the scientific method to answer practical questions is a powerful way to make products and organizations better. We work closely with our partners to uncover questions that are important to them, translate those questions into research procedures and develop implementation solutions that deliver the highest value while balancing organizational goals and resource limitations.

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Behavior Change

Creating sustained behavior change is difficult and requires a deep understanding of why existing behaviors take place. Luckily, the behavioral science literature has generated decades of research on what types of interventions are useful in different contexts. We use over 100 different behavior change frameworks developed by academics worldwide to create sustainable behavior change.

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Organizational Transformation

Organizational change is often the most valuable and challenging activity that a company engages in.  Yet it is easy to forget that, ultimately, such change is necessarily a result of the accumulation of all the small decisions and behaviors of the individuals that make up that organization. We tap into decades of behavioral science work to understand these decisions and design transformation initiatives that work.

Behavioral Science, Applied

We are looking for leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators who aim to amplify their impact in a variety of contexts across fields and sectors.

If you'd like to explore how behavioral science can be used in your organization, why not send us a collaboration request?

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