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Gabrielle Wasco

Gabrielle Wasco is a Junior Content Editor at The Decision Lab. She recently graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English literature, sparking her love for scientific writing. Her undergraduate research involved analyzing facial and body movements to help identify the smallest unit of nonverbal communication. As she begins her internship with The Decision Lab as a content writer, Gabrielle is excited to widen the accessibility and impact of behavioral science through effective communications. She looks forward to learning more about how seemingly minute decisions shape our lives. In her free time, you may find her cross country skiing on Mont Royal or playing music in the park.

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A New SPIN on Misinformation

We all stretch the truth from time to time. The real problem is when our lies spread to thousands of people, assisted by recent technological advancements such as social media or artificial intelligence. This has a real impact on the decisions people make—such as who to vote for or whether to get vaccinated.

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