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Behavioral Workshop

Efficient knowledge transfer aimed at arming your team with the most powerful tools of behavioral science

In addition to our consulting engagements, we deliver targeted trainings that aim to transfer knowledge on a very specific and applied topic.

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Our workshops focus on educating a team to leverage specific tools from behavioral science that are relevant to the context they work in.

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After gathering initial requirements, we will interview key stakeholders in your team to begin creating workshop content that is specifically targeted to their needs. We will then review the content with you to make sure it addresses all relevant organizational goals.

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Our workshops are unique in several ways – they are delivered by our most senior members and are highly interactive, with over half of the time dedicated to practicing the application of concepts.

Interested in augmenting your team with a behavioral science methodology?

A behavioral workshop is probably your best starting point.

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A Nudge A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Even individuals who are fully aware of the risks associated with certain behaviors, and have the intention to make good choices, struggle to do so.

Client Results

Behavioral science, applied internally.

Leveraging behavioral science internally is, at its core, an exercise in empathy. It is about developing a deeper understanding of your own organization and accelerating its impact.

As a social enterprise, we are founded on the belief that for this to happen, interventions must be sustainable, transparent and fair.

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