Meet Robo-Advisor 5.0

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New forces are driving innovation, forging perceptions of value and reshaping the future across people, products and organizations. This piece is part of a report exploring core trends that are creating powerful tailwinds in the financial planning space.

Meet Robo-Advisor 5.0

The current market understanding of what a robo-advisor is already in its 4th iteration, “Robo-Advisor 4.0”: one that allows automatic asset shifts and fully automated investment. 4 This fulfills, to some degree, many of the expectations presented above. However, due to their current focus on scale, the tradeoffs that robo advisors have to make mean that while they score very high on some dimensions (e.g. timeliness), they do a poor job at getting a full understanding of client needs and desires, beyond their risk profile. Many robo-advisors provide limited portfolio profile options (often “halal,” “green,” or “traditional”). They can also feel impersonal: the information they display is often oversimplified, not accounting for a particular client’s preferences.

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