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As a socially conscious applied research firm, we believe a better understanding of decisions has the power to change the world – from how individuals make choices about their lives to how societies evolve toward equality and prosperity. While much of our work is focused on helping the world’s largest organizations solve some of their toughest problems, we also run one of the largest publications on applied behavioral science in the world. Helping others bridge the gap between scientific insights and application is a core part of our mission and the freely available resources below, which are constantly growing, reflect that.

On the shoulders of giants
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Great Thinkers

When you’re standing on the shoulders of giants, it’s easy to forget how you got there. Read more about the brilliant minds who paved the way.

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The decision corner
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Practical insights & advice on how we can use science to improve our decisions as individuals and as a society, from some of the world’s top experts.

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The compendium
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Reference Guide

A definitive guide to foundational concepts in decision-making to help you understand the research and turn it into impact.

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List of cognitive biases
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Cognitive Biases

The science is clear: humans take mental shortcuts. Here you can read about why we do this and how you can avoid it.

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through our lens
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Thought pieces on how behavioral science creates positive impact.

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Need something else?
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Efficient knowledge transfer aimed at arming your team with the most powerful tools of behavioral science.

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