From product design to sales to fraud, behavioral science ensures efficiency in human-focused insurance.

Poor choice environments can make or break many industries, but the nature of insurance as a product makes it more susceptible to harmful irrational processes. From fraud to sales, product design to retention, evidence-backed behavioral science helps secure the last mile.

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See how we’re mobilizing behavioral science insights to protect firms from fraud, deliver a warmer, more personalized customer experience, and promote safer and healthier behaviors.


Agent Outcome Optimization

Endow agents with greater empathy towards clients to personalize interactions and ultimately achieve better outcomes – from higher sales through increased interest and take-up rate to greater retention through improved lapse and renewal behavior


Fraud Reduction

Encourage more accurate disclosures by leveraging behavioral insights in key client interactions – from optimal timing and wording of written communications, to the creation of stronger alliances and level of trust


Personalization & Ecosystem Development

Nudge customers to enter and engage in a personalized insurance ecosystem that encourages a cascade of positive behavior changes – for example, by rewarding them with lower insurance rates for keeping up an active lifestyle or displaying safe driving habits

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