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We’re interested in articles that get us thinking about human behavior. We look for articles that do one or more of the following:

  • Take a deep dive into today’s most pressing issues in health, education, tech, policy, or another pressing industry through a behavioral lens
  • Provide insight into current events through behavioral science
  • Examine behavioral insights in an engaging and useful manner
  • Bridge the gap between research and application by showing readers how they can use behavioral insights in their own lives
  • Applications of behavioral insights to product, management, or other organizational interests

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When your idea is ready, please send either an article draft or a pitch, per the instructions below.

Submission Instructions

Please send your draft or a pitch to in an email that includes 'Content Pitch' in the subject line.

Due to a high volume of submissions, only successful submissions will receive a response. If your article is selected, we offer an honorarium per published article.

In order to be considered, your article must be unpublished and created specifically for The Decision Lab. Once submitted, articles are subject to editing by our staff.

Pitch Guidelines

Please include an outline of your main arguments, including:

  • a proposed title
  • any stats, figures, or potential case studies you plan to use
  • a 200-word minimum sample paragraph
  • a sample of the sources you plan to cite
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