Share your insights from the front lines of behavioral science

We’re interested in articles that get us thinking about human behaviour, to better understand our decisions and why we do what we do. We look for articles that do one or more of the following:

  • Take a deep dive into today’s most pressing issues in policy, government, health and education through a behavioural science lens
  • Provide an insight into current events through behavioural science
  • Examine behavioural science insights in an engaging and useful manner
  • Bridge the gap between research and application by showing readers how they can use behavioural insights in their own lives

Explore our insights section and think about which type of article you want to contribute. Also consider which one of our categories your article would be relevant to. When you’re ready with your idea, please send us a pitch by completing the form below – explaining the story, the perspective or insight you will provide and why it’s important to readers.

In order to be considered, your article must be unpublished and created specifically for The Decision Lab. Once submitted, articles are subject to editing by our staff.

Pitch Guidelines:

[1] A proposed headline. Essentially, how would you distill your proposed article topic into one line?

[2] 100-150 words explaining what area of research your article topic is related to, along with an overview of what new insights you’ll be providing or synthesizing.

[3] At least two sources of academic research that you’re planning on basing your article around. Include these with proper APA citations.

You can send your pitch by following the instructions below. Due to high volume, we cannot guarantee a specific time frame to review your submission, but we do respond to every pitch.

Submission Instructions

Please send your pitches to