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Dr. Heather McKee

Health Behavior Change Consultant

Dr. Heather McKee is a health behaviour change specialist, keynote speaker and founder. She has consulted with dozens of organizations worldwide, from large corporations, to SMEs, to universities, charities and startups. Focusing primarily in the wellbeing space and the psychology of health behaviour change, Dr. McKee designs, audits, evaluates and innovates on digital apps and in-person physical/mental/social wellbeing programmes to enhance long term adherence, habit formation and positive health outcomes. 

Dr. McKee holds a MSc in physical activity and health psychology and a PhD in health behaviour change psychology, and has previously worked as a lecturer and a trainer in behaviour change. Her work has been published internationally in leading academic journals, as well as featuring in Time magazine, Vogue, Huffington Post, The Times, and LA Times.

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