Dhushan Thevarajah

Founder & CEO, Human Elevation Lab (HUELLA)

Dhushan Thevarajah is the founder and CEO of the Human Elevation Lab ("HUELLA"), a company that was borne out of his experience building and leading teams, designing decision tools to help model and inform choices, and fighting the daily fires across the functions of finance, HR, operations, and strategy of a growing company. Previously, Dhushan was the Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Operating Officer at BEworks, the world’s first commercial consulting team dedicated to the application of Behavioral Economics to real-world challenges. His blended interest in behavioral science and data analytics brought a more evidence-based and metric-driven approach to these roles. Dhushan also led multiple consulting projects in the banking, insurance, loyalty, and software industry, tackling diverse behavioral problems such as closing the gap between consumer intentions and actions, designing incentives and measures to drive key employee behaviors, and building training programs to optimize for learning and sustainability. Dhushan holds an M.Sc. from Queen’s University, where he studied and published work on the neural basis of strategic decision-making and holds an MBA from the Rotman School of Management.

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