We are on a mission to democratize applied behavioral science in the public and private sectors.

About The Decision Lab

The Decision Lab is a behavioral science consultancy dedicated to creating social good by helping individuals, organizations, and governments make better decisions. Through research, analysis, and product design, we help organizations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Capital One and the World Bank solve thorny problems and build impactful evidence-based digital products.

Why Behavioral Science

We make 35,000 decisions a day. We do this with a brain adapted to a very different world from the one we live in today. Unsurprisingly, we make mistakes – a result of very predictable and enduring biases that most likely helped us 100,000 years ago. By identifying and countering these biases, applied behavioral science / behavioral economics is helping companies and governments around the world achieve a wide variety of complex goals.

What We Do

We started The Decision Lab because we saw a fundamental gap between research and application. Despite 2 Nobel prizes and a wealth of insights from top academics in the past 2 decades, the effect of this field has only just started to trickle down to real-world organizations. We exist in order to change that. To see exactly how we do that, take a look at our services.

Our mission is to democratize applied behavioral science.

What Makes Us Different

The Decision Lab is a Canadian registered non-profit. Because our mission is centred on creating social good, our approach differs significantly from traditional consultancies – in what we think is a great way. Our primary goal is to create social good by democratizing behavioral science – something expressed through our thought leadership work as well as our consulting work. As part of this mission, we prioritize impact over profit, reinvest revenue into supporting our goals through pro-bono work and put a very strong emphasis on knowledge transfer to our partners. We understand that in order to achieve deep and sustained impact, we must not only help a partner solve a specific problem, but must also, where possible, impart a methodology and way of thinking that can empower their team to create change in the future.