Why Work with The Decision Lab

We are a Canadian non-profit on a unique mission to democratize behavioral science by diffusing knowledge about it and applying it for social good. We have the privilege of working with a network of talented academic partners and industry experts to bring us closer to these goals. With a large following and support from well-known behavioral science entities and professionals, we have become one of the largest publications on applied behavioral science and are currently looking to grow our team in order to deliver even more value to our community.

What You Need To Know

The best way to join our team is by first reading through our work and deciding exactly how you want to add value that supports our mission to apply behavioral science for social good. Since we get an overwhelming number of applications, we are looking for highly motivated individuals with a strong interest in behavioral science research and its possible applications in the real world. If you think you may fit that profile, take a look at the positions below.

Current Volunteer (Unpaid) Positions

Research Associate

Description: TDL was created with the vision of bridging the gap between behavioural science research and application. A core part of our mission is to create content which highlights important and often unnoticed research, and provides actionable and applied takeaways. Research Associates will be responsible for locating, synthesizing and writing about new cutting edge research in behavioural science, behavioural economics and psychology. In particular, a successful RA will be heavily focused on the application of this research in the sectors where it can be most impactful.

Requirements: This position calls for an individual with qualitative and quantitative research skills, as well as an impressive writing ability. The RA position is ideal for someone who is looking to demonstrate thought leadership in the field of applied behavioural science and wants to pursue a decision science career. Beyond that, we are looking for someone who is creative in their approach to  applying old research to new and emerging problems in a wide variety of sectors. The RA position is part-time and remote. We expect a minimum time commitment of 5 hours a week.

Minimum qualifications/requirements

[1] Academic and or work experience related to a specific field of research within the domain of behavioural science.

[2] Satisfactory academic progress.

Deadlines:Ongoing / Location:Remote

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