Organizational Resilience

Improving Organizational Resilience Through Behavioral Science

We are working with a wide variety of partners in the public and private sectors to leverage evidence-based ways to build crisis resilience in the face of the covid-19 pandemic. In particular, we are focused on:

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    Crisis Communications

    How you communicate with your employees and customers is always key – doubly so in the current situation. Decades of research on crisis communication psychology show us that what works during regular times is not necessarily what may work during a crisis.

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    Remote Work

    Today, for most organizations remote work is not only an option anymore – it is a requirement. By learning to avoid the biases that remote work introduces, leaders are able to inspire and manage their teams effectively and efficiently.

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    Organizational Flexibility

    Studies in organizational behavior have shown that organizational resilience and flexibility are closely related. At a time when years of change can happen over the span of weeks, the ability of an organization to continuously adapt is constantly tested.

Developing resilience in your organization may seem daunting, but it just requires the right partner.

Let us know your resilience goals and one of our behavioral experts will be in touch.

If you'd like to explore how behavioral science can help you build organizational resilience, get in touch with us!

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A Nudge A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Even individuals who are fully aware of the risks associated with certain behaviors, and have the intention to make good choices, struggle to do so.

Behavioral science, applied internally.

Leveraging behavioral science internally is, at its core, an exercise in empathy. It is about developing a deeper understanding of your own organization and accelerating its impact.

As a social enterprise, we are founded on the belief that for this to happen, interventions must be sustainable, transparent and fair.

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