Uncovering Canadian Consumer Attitudes and Behaviours Towards Carbon Pricing


In a recent study we assessed how corporate action on climate change — especially in response to carbon pricing policies—influences consumer attitudes towards the company and how interested they are in being their customer. This research allowed us to gain insights into framing effects and to implement an experimental methodology relevant to the research agenda at OSC. 

  1. How does a company’s participation with carbon pricing affect consumer evaluations of companies?
  2. How does a company’s participation influence public support for carbon pricing?


We recruited 118 Canadian respondents online using the MTurk platform which is commonly used in social science research.  We implemented a 3 x 2 design with randomly assigned treatment and control groups exposed to different framings around compliance with carbon taxes. We sought to answer two key questions by conducting a rigorous statistical analysis:


  • Statistically Significant Framing Effects on consumer attitudes.
  • Consumers were significantly more willing to engage in business with green companies.

Consumers were statistically more likely to describe the company that invested in carbon-reducing activities in favourable terms.

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