Who We Are

The Decision Lab is a Canadian think-tank dedicated to democratizing behavioral science through research and analysis. We are on a mission to build a more equitable world by using research in decision science and behavioral economics to design evidence-based interventions and programs that can be applied to pressing societal issues. 

We believe that democratizing the availability of and access to content that can be used by industry practitioners is a critical part of this mission because it equips researchers and practitioners with the tools to apply evidence-driven insights. Since launching in 2013, we have become one of the leading publications in this space and have worked with organizations such as The World Bank, the Gates Foundation and some of the largest financial institutions across North America.

The Position

TDL was created with the vision of bridging the gap between behavioral science research and application. A core part of our mission is to create content that highlights important and often unnoticed research and provides actionable and applied takeaways. Staff writers will be responsible for locating, synthesizing and writing about new cutting edge research in behavioral science, behavioral economics and psychology. In particular, a successful staff writer will be heavily focused on the application of this research in the sectors where it can be most impactful.

As a staff writer, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Reach a wide, global audience with over 500,000 engagements per year
  • Work with some of the top behavioural science researchers in the world to create applied content for our growing audience of 12,000 newsletter subscribers
  • Collaborate with a growing, diverse and talented team of researchers, UX designers, analysts, data scientists and over 60 writers from across the globe

Please note that this is a volunteer position.


With over 500,000 online engagements per year, 12,000 newsletter subscribers, and over 60 contributors and staff writers, TDL’s publication is looking for an experienced, engaging writer who is looking to demonstrate thought leadership in the field of applied behavioral science.

Beyond that, we are looking for someone who is creative in their approach to applying old research to new and emerging problems in a wide variety of sectors. 

  • Academic and/or work experience related to applying research within the domain of behavioral science
  • Exceptional writing ability
  • The ability to translate academic research in the field of behavioral science into clear and engaging articles for a wide audience
  • Strong communication skills
  • A commitment of approximately 10 hours per week (minimum of 2 articles per month at 600 – 1,000 words per article)

How to Apply

Please email your CV, an article pitch, and a sample of your previous writing to editor@thedecisionlab.com. Due to a high volume of applications, only successful candidates will be contacted.

Your pitch must include the following:

[1] A proposed headline. Essentially, how would you distill your proposed article topic into one line?

[2] 100-150 words explaining what area of research your article topic is related to, along with an overview of what new insights you’ll be providing or synthesizing.

[3] At least two sources of academic research that you’re planning on basing your article around. Include these with proper citations (APA preferred).

If you are interested in writing for us on a less formal basis, please check out our content submissions page for more information on how to submit a single article.