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In a world where challenging the status quo is no longer a choice, innovation has become almost everyone's job description. We should know better than most - our clients come to us from the public and private sectors with some of the most ambitious projects in the world:

  • Addressing a mental health epidemic
  • Creating solutions for a housing crisis
  • Improving K12 curriculum choices across the US
  • Designing products that can push hundreds of millions of users to exercise

...and all of that is just in the last few months!

If you've been following us for a while, you'll know that we use a healthy mix of scientific thinking and pragmatism to turn really hard problems like these into opportunities for a better world (if not, read more here). This puts us in a unique position, where we regularly talk to some of the most ambitious (and more importantly, kindest) leaders in the world.

Something almost all of them face is predicting and demonstrating the ROI of innovation-focused projects. This is perhaps the toughest problem of all, as organizational and social change only happens when you have large-scale buy-in. This is why a core part of our practice is focused on exactly that - predicting and demonstrating ROI, as a tool for behavior change.

Are you facing a challenge or looking to push the boundaries of what's possible in your organization but are reluctant because the ROI is unclear?

We'd love to hear from you - just answer this e-mail and our team will reach out to you or send some relevant resources your way.

Until next time,
Dan & Sekoul

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Pro-Innovation Bias
The (often erronious) belief that an innovation should be adopted widely without being challenged or adapted. It's important to remember that innovation is a process focused on building new products & services that make things better. Doing that second part means constantly asking how an innovation needs to change to serve people equitably.
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