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Hi, there,

Today, we’re taking a bit of a break from our regularly scheduled newsletter programming to bring you an important bulletin: TDL is hiring! We’re looking for a Director of Product to join our team, as well as new Consultants and a Senior UX Designer. 

It’s been an exciting couple of years for the TDL team: we’ve been taking on ever bigger and more exciting projects, working with amazing partners to translate behavioral research into real-world impact. Our team's been growing fast, and we’re excited to welcome even more new faces. If you’re somebody who’s fascinated by the mechanics of human behavior, passionate about social change, and undeterred by the thought of grappling with complex & multifaceted problems, we would love to chat with you. Tea drinkers need not apply. 

Find the deets below. (Notice from our abbreviations that we are hip and casual, and fun to be around.)

Until next time,
Katie and the SPICE-y team @ TDL

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❓ Why TDL?

In brief, this is an opportunity for you to: 

  • • Partner with world-class organizations on projects that make a measurable difference in people’s lives.
  • • Work at the intersection of behavioral science, UX/UI design, and strategy to develop innovative and creative solutions to thorny problems
  • • Join a team of smart, motivated individuals, who love what they do and always remember to close the office windows so that pigeons don’t fly in and go to sleep atop the espresso machine

You can learn more about TDL here.

🍕 Open roles at TDL

Director of Product

We’re looking for someone to lead the growth of our behavioral product design practice, including defining internal processes around it, participating in thought leadership, and helping us to recruit the right people to execute on the vision.

You’re the perfect fit if: you have a background working in big tech, startups, or digital ventures within a large consulting firm; you’re passionate about behavioral science and how it can be leveraged to design impactful digital products; you’re fluent in mixed research methods and have a deep curiosity about the user experience; and you feel at home in a dynamic, fast-paced environment. Find the full posting here.


As a Consultant, your job (in a nutshell) is to untangle all the behavioral threads that are creating the problem at hand and ideate elegant, pragmatic solutions for them. You’ll play a crucial role in conducting research with internal and external stakeholder, analyzing findings, and translating data into concrete insights. 

You’re the perfect fit if: you have a background in behavioral science, consulting, or both; you’re a strategic, pragmatic, and holistic thinker, with a deep appreciation for design thinking and the scientific method; and you feel at home in a dynamic, fast-paced environment. Find the full posting here.

Senior UX Designer

As a Senior UX Designer, you’ll play a leading role in helping us develop cutting-edge products, especially in the digital mental health space. You’ll be leveraging multiple research methods, both quantitative and qualitative, to gain an in-depth understanding of the user experience, combining empathy and pragmatism to create truly impactful designs. 

You’re the perfect fit if: you have a background in UX; you’re good at articulating the why and how of UX design to other project stakeholders; you have a deep understanding of user personas and customer journey mapping; and you feel at home in a dynamic, fast-paced environment. Find the full posting here.
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