Encouraging up to date business data


In Denmark, registering your company's data can be tedious and easy to avoid, but also a necessity that increases communication between companies. In an attempt to increase business upkeep of their data after a change in address, an autmatic pop-up window was created on the website of the Danish Businesss Authorities. This pop-up would ask the visitor to verify its company's information, to change it if it was incorrect, or to state that they (the visitor) were not the person responsible for the data upkeep. In comparison to the standard system that requred much more initiative on the part of the business to change data, the pop-ups were extremely effective. Of visitors to the site, 41.6% indicated that they wanted to correct their data, although not all of these individuals complete the entire process.

Biases Used


Other Applications: Savings and FInancial Decision Making, Law Abiding Behavior