Tempting the Creation of Habits

Habitual behavior is neither inherently good nor bad; it is simply a powerful tendency of our brain that can turn us into iced tea junkies or flossing fanatics. 

A Brain-Changer: How Stress Redesigns our Decision-Making

Workplace stress is commonplace, but research shows the damaging effect it can have on our long-term decision making and goal seeking behaviour.

New Year’s Resolutions: Why We Make Them and How to Keep Them

New Year’s is a popular time to “turn over a new leaf” and bring about positive behavioural changes, but many of us fail in doing so.

Does the Quantified-Self Lead to Behaviour Change?

If we don’t learn how to navigate the data offered by health technology, then it will be difficult to improve our health and well-being behaviours.

A Nudge for Coverage: Last-Mile Problems for Health Insurance

Choosing health care coverage would likely be financially more beneficial than forgoing it. Yet many do not take action despite efforts increase enrollment.

Can Peer Pressure Save Lives?

We know that social forces can cause people to act in ways that are harmful to themselves and others; but they can also be harnessed to solve problems in health, education and other areas.

Can Nudge Theory Be Applied To Public Health?

Nudges are frequently applied to microenvironments, but can they also have a macro application in terms of system changes?

A Nudge A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Even individuals who are fully aware of the risks associated with certain behaviours, and have the intention to make good choices, struggle to do so.

The Tale of Positive Psychology and Behavioural Economics

This article seeks to make salient the impact of positive psychology on behavioural economics, with relevance to education, healthcare, and everyday optimal living.

Why You Might Not Be Sticking To Your Plans

We plan almost every aspect of our daily lives. But despite all of this planning, we often don’t complete our plans. Find out how to make them stick.

Increasing The Pull Of The Future Self

People tend to discount the impact that their current decisions have on their future outcomes. A variety of explanations has been offered as to why this is.

Does Emotion Affect Our Ability To Make Rational Decisions?

The traditional thinking in economics suggests that decisions are made rationally and optimally. So in theory, outcomes should be predictable.

How To Create Lasting Change

Human decision making is like a tiny rider on a massive elephant. The rider may think he’s in charge, but the elephant’s will always win.