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Why Quarantine Distorts Our Sense of Time

For many of us, quarantine and social distancing measures have brought the strange sense that our perception of time is "off." Hours seem to snail by, but weeks disappear in the blink of an eye. Jeremy Koloski explains why the passage of time is so distorted in the age of COVID-19.


Fighting Fire With Fire: Using Behavioral Science to Understand and Combat Digital Addiction

Technological addiction is worrisome, especially given the constraints on our lifestyles during the COVID pandemic, and the resulting dependence on digital communication that has ensued. To learn about how behavioral science might tackle this looming societal challenge, The Decision Lab reached out to Aditya Kumar Purohit, a behavioral scientist who studies digital nudges and marketing strategies.


Nudging Can Encourage Sustainable Food Choices

Supermarkets use smart techniques to steer our shopping behavior, which is why we might end up with a huge cart of groceries when we only intended to buy some milk. What if we could use those same techniques to nudge consumers into purchasing healthier and more sustainable food?


What Rock-Paper-Scissors Can Teach Us About Our Decision-Making

We are often faced with situations where we need to compete with others to attain a mutually-exclusive outcome. Our success in these scenarios often depends on our ability to make sound, rational decisions, but emotion and arousal can often compromise this. Rock-paper-scissors (RPS) can help us better understand the battle between rationality and emotion, thereby improving our everyday decision-making.

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