What Can George Costanza Teach Us About Making Better Investment Choices?

Many of us allow emotions to affect our decisions, which in the realm of investment can cause money to be lost and investment portfolios to suffer.

Are You Making Bad Financial Decisions Because of Information Avoidance?

Why don't we use of all the available information, which could help us make important financial decisions?

Selfish Altruism: A Win-Win?

Many of those who go out of their way to assist others are motivated by something more than just providing social support.

The Impact of Community Trust on Low-Income Individuals

The poor may lack in material wealth, but they possess social wealth in the shape of their communities upon which they can draw.

Get ’em While They’re Young: Why Children May Be Better Economists Than Economists

In economics, it is most often the thing right under our nose that goes unnoticed.

Charity, Parochialism, and the Inefficiencies of Altruism

Whilst research has focused on altruism and the science of giving, the issue of why we donate our money to the places that we do has been neglected.

Why Road Safety And Bank Queues Are Long-Lost Cousins

Policymakers and private players are cottoning on to the reality that people are often imperfectly rational, and factoring this into policy design.

This Is Your Brain On Money

Behavioural research has worked to uncover the different ways in which we think about money. This knowledge can be used to ‘hack’ our behaviours to bring about financial and mental well-being.

How Does Anchoring Impact Our Decisions?

Anchoring is among the most prevalent and impactful cognitive biases that we encounter in our daily lives, particularly when making decisions under uncertainty.

Does Improving Financial Literacy Lead To Better Decisions?

Financial decision making is a complex beast and a full understanding of it might require much more than familiarity.

How Can We Make Online Banking More Enjoyable?

By studying customers and rethinking the user interface, we can leverage behavioral design principles to make online banking more enjoyable.

Need Not Greed: Bonuses, Risk–Taking And Evolution

Why would we seemingly be willing to take risks to earn more? What actually motivates and drives risk–taking? The answer may lie in how we have evolved.

How Wells Fargo Nudged Their Employees To Commit Fraud

Thousands of low-wage Wells Fargo employees defrauded customers. Why did they do it?

Why Don’t We Save Enough for Our Retirement?

In this post, we explore three behaviourally influenced reasons for why people do not save enough for retirement.

More Slacking, Less Tracking: How Scarcity Affects the Working Poor

Insights from behavioural economics are used to explain why the poor are not poor simply by virtue of their bad decisions.

Increasing The Pull Of The Future Self

People tend to discount the impact that their current decisions have on their future outcomes. A variety of explanations has been offered as to why this is.