It Pays to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint: Business and Policy Leaders Take Note

How does framing of carbon pricing policy impact consumer attitudes and behaviours?

The Banned Wagon: Are Bans the Best Way to Solve the Plastic Problem?

Banning straws may be a good way to reduce our impact on the environment, but it is important to be cautious of the long-term behavioral repercussions.

Overwhelmed by Choice (2/2): Prosumers and Green Energy

In a similar way to standard energy consumers, behavioral tendencies can be leveraged to promote green energy use in the energy prosumer market.

Overwhelmed by Choice (1/2): Consumers and Green Energy

The "bandwagon effect" can be leveraged to help turn more communities toward greener energy sources.

Why is Changing Behavior So Hard?

Decision makers often continue with the status quo, despite the irrationality of it. Why is changing behavior so hard, and what can be done about it?

CO2 Out Of Sight, Not Out Of Mind: Carbon Capture and Storage Risks

There might be a surprising solution to global warming, one which lies deep underground.

Reducing Water Consumption: Why You Care What Your Neighbours Think

Would we be more dedicated to decreasing our water-consumption if we were aware of what our neighbours thought?

Tackling Climate Change (2/2): Using VR To Influence Behavior

The potential of VR to affect our unconscious decision making through the use of increased levels of immersion, interactivity, and presence is potentially huge.

Tackling Climate Change (1/2): Why Don’t We Act On Climate Issues?

If climate change was seen as more tangible and urgent then people might be more motivated to change their behaviour.

How Barcelona Took City Streets Back From Cars

Barcelona leveraged behavioural science to create a more walkable city for its citizens. Could a similar approach work in the U.S?

Mind the Gap (2/2): Environmental Behaviour and Observed Consequences

With demand for energy and natural resources set to skyrocket in the next decade, we must change our 'default' actions.

Mind the Gap (1/2): Environmental Behaviour and Observed Consequences

When it comes to our behaviour and the environment, there is a disconnect between our behaviour and the perceived consequences.

Recycling Matters A ‘Hole’ Lot: A Behavioral Design Perspective

When it comes to recycling, studies show that we can be easily swayed, and small details can produce big changes in behavior.

Will A Tax On Disposable Bags Curb Their Use?

Given the growing popularity of disposable bag regulations, this begs the question: have any successfully changed consumer behavior?

Nudging Towards A Sustainable Future

The past success of nudging can give us clues about how to use them in enviro-policy to create lasting change.

To Nudge, or Adjudge? That’s the Enviro-Policy Question

Looking at enviro-policy, insights from behavioral economics offer the implementation of nudges as a more innovative solution to traditional carbon taxes.

Science Denial Isn’t Only A Conservative Problem

Scientists have often counted on liberals and Democrats to support their political causes, including climate legislation.