Improving Adoption of Hearing Aids

Case Study


Nessa is a leading supplier of hearing aids in Southeast Asia. They are on a mission to address a deep-rooted public health problem. Although as many as 10% of adults need a hearing aid, only 15% of those that need one actually use one on a regular basis.


We worked with Nessa’s scientific team to determine the exact roadblocks to adopting and adhering to a hearing aid. We then translated these roadblocks in behavioral terms, pinpointing possible bias explanations for each one and finally used the behavior change frameworks previously validated in the public health space to design interventions that address these biases in the SEA population.

One important insight that came from our work with Nessa is the importance of building a therapeutic alliance. In particular, we found that, regardless of the product being offered, a critical predictor of hearing aid adoption and uptake is the relationship that an audiologist had built with a patient and the extent to which a patient reveals their real reservations about using hearing aids (which can be very diverse between patients). In an effort to change this, our recommendations focused on ways to create an audiologist-patient alliance and shift the diagnostic sessions from transactional to collaborative.

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