Improving Financial Inclusion Through Digital Products

Case Study


Mylo is a leading Canadian fintech company with over 100M in assets under management and 400,000 users. They are tackling financial inclusion among younger populations in Canada. Typically, millennials are underserved by savings products – over half of them have less than 1000$ in savings. This results in serious setbacks when it comes to concrete financial goals (such as home ownership) and unfortunately introduces unsustainable borrowing behaviors that only exacerbate the issue.


In an effort to improve their impact, TDL worked with Mylo’s product teams to better understand key user journeys – in particular, the decision moments that translate into key behaviors such as signing up for the app, linking it to a bank account and sharing it with others. After identifying key levers that affect these behaviors, we designed a system of social proof tools and time-cued nudges that work to shift use behaviors toward KPIs.

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