Helping Canada’s Largest Insurer Launch a Nudge Unit

Case Study


Intact is Canada’s largest insurance company by number of policyholders, with over 13,000 employees and $9B in revenues. Like many other insurance companies at the moment, they see a huge opportunity in using insights from behavioral science to augment their internal operations as well as their service offering to clients. For this reason, they approached The Decision Lab to help them design and launch a Behavioral Science Unit.


Launching a behavioral science unit is a complex organizational challenge – although some basic principles apply across the board, rather than using a templated formula, the most sustainable units are based on an in-depth assessment of organizational culture, key strategic priorities, incentive structures and potential projects. By performing this careful analysis along these key dimensions, we were able to help Intact launch a Nudge Unit that augments their existing strengths using an evidence-based approach in a pragmatic, sustainable and ethical manner.


  • Behavior change techniques have already been used to add millions in profitability over last 12M
  • There are over 160,000 car accidents in Canada/year, causing close to 3000 deaths.
  • TDL & Intact tackled this number through a behavior change application, using nudges and incentives that have been shown to increase safety by 30%

If rolled out across industry, potentially resulting in 50,000 less accidents and saving 1000 lives per year

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