Improving Employee Engagement and Wellbeing Using Conversational AI

Case Study


As a non-profit dedicated to applying behavioral science for social good, creating positive impact is our raison d’etre. For this reason, leveraging behavioral science principles to design better products is something that is particularly exciting to us. Hikai, the first of our product ventures, is a conversational artificial intelligence which aims to improve employee wellbeing through targeted cognitive behavioral therapy interventions.

Currently, over 70% of employees in North America are either not engaged or actively disengaged at work. This results in an enormous amount of lost productivity, higher turnover and, in some cases, escalates to mental illness.


In an effort to tackle this problem, we worked with mental health practitioners in one of Canada’s largest institutes to develop a tool that leverages Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques in order to address employee engagement. Hikai keeps a pulse of an organization using e-mail based surveys and then offers personalized CBT training modules using a chatbot format. Interestingly, while Hikai has a significant effect on engagement, the fact that it uses clinically validated CBT exercises means that it also has a positive spillover effect on employee mental wellbeing.

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