Reducing Litter On Airplanes

Case Study


Our client is one of the largest air carriers in Europe. In recent years, they began to experience issues with passengers littering their planes. Due to cost pressures experienced by the entire industry, they were keen on leveraging behavioral insights a low-cost & high-impact solution to the problem. They hired The Decision Lab to identify reasons why passengers were littering and design interventions that can be implemented in their flight cabins.


Our first step in this project was to perform a behavioral diagnostic – i.e. deep primary & secondary research allowing us to uncover the barriers to key desired behaviors and drivers of undesired behaviors. Contrary to the client’s initial hypotheses, we found out that littering was not a passenger-specific behavior but rather a context-specific one. The same passenger, depending on the context (business vs. leasure) would behave very differently. This allowed us to develop interventions targeting passengers in particular contexts.

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