The Decision Lab is excited to announce a quarterly call for behavior change partners - this is a pro-bono initiative we offer, with the aim of using behavioral science and agile rigour experimentation to answer impactful questions with partner organizations.

Applied behavioral science has opened exciting doors to low-cost innovation in various public and private sector contexts. In addition to our work in behavior change and education, we constantly look for meaningful research questions that have the potential to impact industries. To this end, we work with industry partners to design and run experiments that address questions such as:

  • What type of soundscapes can reduce aggression?
  • What drives habitual commuter behaviors?
  • What type of messaging can impact health-related behaviors?

  • We are looking for intrapreneurs, innovators and leaders who will work with us to design experiments aimed at improving their organization's ability to create social good. In order to apply, you must fulfill the following requirements:

    • Be part of a 100+ person organization that is open to collaborating with us
    • Have a specific project in mind which show a clear opportunity for social good
    • Be willing to share the resulting insights with the public

To be our next innovation partner, please provide us with the following details: