Brooke Struck

Brooke Struck

Brooke Struck is Research Director at The Decision Lab. He holds a doctorate in philosophy of science. His dissertation research focused on the relationship between quantitative and qualitative research methods, and the relationship between research and other social systems such as language, history and politics. Since finishing his academic work, Dr. Struck has worked in science & innovation policy, first within the Canadian federal government, and then subsequently in the private sector at Science-Metrix. In recent years, he has been researching the interface of big data analytics with organizational decision-making structures, especially in policy-making contexts.

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Building Better Governments With Behavioral Science – A Conversation With Margarita Gómez

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In today’s episode of The Decision Corner podcast, we are joined by Margarita Gómez, the inaugural executive director of the People in Government Lab, located in the Blavatnik School of Government at the University of Oxford. Some topics we discuss include behavioral science interventions in the public sector and the challenges of autonomy and expertise for policymaking in developing countries.

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Design thinking, behavioral science, and product management for global health initiatives – a conversation with Sandi McCoy and Aarthi Rao

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In this podcast episode, we are joined by Sandi McCoy, associate professor in the School of Public Health at the University of California, Berkeley, and Aarthi Rao, director of the design and innovation lab at CVS Health. Some topics we discuss include how design thinking and traditional project management frameworks can impact global health initiatives, how behavioral science and public health can draw insights from Netflix's disruption of Blockbuster, and the lack of durability of certain nudges in the long-term.