Sanjay Khanna

Sanjay Khanna is a strategic advisor and foresight expert. Previously the futurist at Baker McKenzie, today Sanjay works with organisations to illuminate risks and opportunities associated with the converging crises of geopolitical fragmentation, socioeconomic reordering, population health issues, technological acceleration, environmental and climate change. Sanjay has been interviewed by the Financial Times, Globe and Mail, and Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, among others.

Steven M. Hughes

Steven M. Hughes is a Financial Therapist that blends financial psychology, proven wealth strategies and natural healing approaches to help people create better relationships with money through 1:1 sessions and group talks. He goes beyond financial literacy basics to help people address the root causes of their money problems, offering simple frameworks that lead to a healthy financial mindset and lasting change. Steven also facilitates Financial Wellness programs and leads talks for companies like Google and ABC to help their teams reduce their financial stress and achieve greater clarity around money. As Founder and Executive Director of the non-profit Know Money®, Steven shows Black college students how to avoid common money missteps while on campus and create a legacy of financial literacy and wellness.

Steven earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Clemson University and has completed a Behavioral Finance certificate from Duke University. He is currently enrolled in Creighton University’s financial psychology and behavioral finance program.

Alireza Hashemi

Alireza Hashemi is an atificial intelligence specialist who recently completed his post-doctoral studies at MIT. He obtained his PhD in Neuroscience from McGill University, where he worked on the primate visual system. His current research focuses on examining the computational basis of learning and decision making. His approach focuses on the complementarity between human and machine learning, leveraging behavioural sciences to derive valuable insights for machine learning.

Margarita Gómez

Rachel Carey

Rachel is Chief Scientist at Zinc, a start-up that helps build new companies to tackle important social issues at scale. Her role there focuses on combining high-quality scientific research with innovative product development, by leveraging and translating existing evidence, experimenting with creative solutions, and generating and sharing new knowledge.

Dr. Carey is a behavioural scientist with a PhD in Psychology and an Associate of University College London’s Centre for Behaviour Change.